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What you should have paid more attention to from the biologists

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If you recreate the appropriate hydrology at your site then they will come... the plants, animals, and habitat benefits all will come, count on it.

Depth and duration matters

The water depths and durations you achieve at your restoration site will largely determine what plants and animals will ultimately use the site.

Check for ticks

Every time you come back from the field check for these little blood sucking monsters on your body, you will be glad that you did.

Bring your waders

It doesn't matter how briefly you intend to visit the site, or how dry you know it will be... bring your waders because if you do not then you will surely find the site flooded and you will surely have to retrieve a stoplog or perhaps a favorite hat from out in the middle of it.

Stop for dead birds

Dead birds are often a sign of cholera or some other potential disease outbreak at your site. If you have several dead birds then by all means contact your Game and Fish department and perhaps retireve one for them if they ask you to do so. These diseases kill a substantial number of waterfowl and must be identified quickly to prevent congregating birds from creating an epidemic.

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