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Water control structures & pipe

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Moving water to and from the wetland project requires thought, these are not your typical utility projects and you shouldn't be thinking that way. Maintenance budgets for restored wetlands are tiny compared to a utility company and your equipment selection should reflect that reality. Do not even consider automation. Wetland engineers typically look to the farms around their project site to see what works well for the region. Fancy equipment is not desireable, farm tested equipment will serve the project better.


Flashboard risers

Flashboard risers made of CMP and/or Concrete with plastic pipe are a staple for wetland restoration projects. Ducks Unlimited, Inc.'s Southern Regional Office provides a quick rundown on common structures used in wetland restoration with pictures. Flashboard riser suppliers can be found on the flashboard riser sources page. The Oklahoma NRCS has published detailed drawings for 1/2 round and full round flashboard risers at the following links:

Concrete pipe

Thinking about using concrete pipe? The American Concrete Pipe Association design manual is a great place to start.

Irrigation equipment

Waterman Sunshine valve

Farmers and wetland restoration engineers alike swear by Waterman Industries for irrigation equipment, here is a direct link to their Products catalog. Also of particular use are their alphalfa valves, flap gates, and canal gates.

Tide gates

Typical flap gate

Unique to coastal, estuarine, and tidal marsh estuaries are special flow control devices known as Tide gates. Golden Harvest, Inc is a manufacturer of tide gates.

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