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Tide gates

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Tide gates

Unique to coastal, estuarine, and tidal marsh estuaries are special flow control devices known as Tide gates. Also in this catagory of water control structures are diversion gates, radial arm gates, Level gates, Weir gates, Slide gates, and Combination gates. Golden Harvest, Inc and Waterman Industries are manufacturers of tide gates and you can find a wealth of information at their websites. A particularly good discussion of the various types has been developed in the tide gate pdf by Washington based consultant Jeff Juel.

Typical flap gates

Typical flap gate
Flap gates are a very common water control device used in drainage and wetland restoration, prone to maintenance problems they should be avoided whenever possible. Nevertheless sometimes they are just simply the only tool for the job and they are relatively inexpensive. May different types of flap gates are available on the market. Waterman Industries is one of the largest suppliers throughout the US.

Self regulating tide gates (SRTs)

Featured Photo
A resource for information about SRTs is the website of Washington based consultant Jeff Juel. Golden Harvest, Inc is a manufacturer of SRTs. The photo is of a gate designed by Jeff and manufactured by Golden Harvest.
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