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(NGO stands for Non-Government Organizations, typically they are non-profit agencies and professional societies)

NGOs Who Provide Restoration Services for Hire

Ducks Unlimited, Inc. (DU) has four regional offices in the United States as well as offices throughout Canada and in Mexico. DU hires teams of biologists and civil engineers to do wetland restoration on protected land owned by the government or private landowners. If you are willing to sign an agreement with DU to maintain your property as wetland wildlife habitat for 30 years then they will provide professional services on a design-build basis to restore the land and they may cost share the project with you. DU does not normally provide outright grants for restoration work but works on a cost share basis.

Professional Associations

American Society of Civil Engineers is a professional association for civil engineers.

The Society of Wetland Scientists is a professional association for wetland restoration professionals of many disciplines.

Advocacy Groups and Misc.

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