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Wetland engineering & wetland restoration

This site is dedicated to the collection and redistribution of knowledge of engineering practices related to restoring wetlands and wildland areas. But it is more than that, the people who use this site tell us that they want more then just engineering jargon. Therefore the collection of all practical knowledge on wetland and wildland restoration is acceptable content. Generally speaking this wiki is focused on wetlands for habitat. There are however many people working on developing wetlands for water and wastewater treatment. A separate treatment wetlands resources page is available specifically for these projects. Another special page is available for stream restoration to capture information specific to running water environments.

DU staff surveying a restoration site

Here is the wetland restoration help you have been looking for...

Wiki stuff...

Consult the User's Guide for information on how to add new pages or edit existing pages on this website.

This site is a wiki, perhaps you have used wikipedia before? Its the same concept and we use the same software. The best way to use a wiki is to do more than just read the pages, a wiki is an encyclopedia that we all create together. Yes, that means that without lifting a finger or providing any personal information you already have edit privileges to change anything you think is wrong or requires clarification on these pages. All you have to do is be brave and hit the edit button and contribute, share what you know with those who will follow in your footsteps. (Due to relentless spam attacks editing most pages has been restricted to registered users only) Help us to make this important body of knowedge all that it can be. Still feel a little uncomfortable about it? Here is some more help.

These pages are monitored by professional and dedicated wetland restoration specialists to assure that bad information is eliminated, where there is disagreement among professionals then all arguments are allowed to remain on the site and available for you to consider.

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