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Fish screens and ladders

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Need to protect Salmonids? ...or just keep carp out of your wetland project? Then a fish screen is most likely in your future.

John Day Screen Shop

One of the best resources for information on fish screens is from the staff at the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife's John Day Screen Shop. Here is their contact information:

John Day Screens Shop
W Hwy 26 Patterson Bridge Road, PO Box 515
John Day, OR 97845
Tel: 541-575-0561 Fax: 541-575-0868

Commercial Screen Manufacturers

Other Fish Screen Resources

Ducks Unlimited's Valley Habitats series was written to assist landowners in the Central Valley of California with wetland restoration projects. In particular the eighth in the series entitled Fish Screens and Water Diversionshas good information on fish screens. Unfortunately the original images are missing from this link.

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